Keeping our homes secure is important to our safety and well-being—and protects are personal belongings from theft or damage. We are keen about locking our doors and windows when we’re not home, and, often, invest in security systems. It’s just as important to protect our outbuildings. Here are some tips on how to keep your […]


Summer is approaching and that typically means warmer temperatures are on the way—although the thermometer’s schedule is quite unpredictable these days! It’s true that animals can naturally cope with heat and cold—but only to a point. Our furry friends rely on us to help keep them cool when the mercury rises. Dogs are especially more […]


If your dog spends a significant amount of time outside, he or she might need a dog house or kennel to provide protection from the elements (snow, rain, etc.), escape from the cold, shade from the sun and, in general, a place to feel safe and secure—like a den. A quality dog house can last […]


Your backyard provides you and your family respite—and chances are your family includes a furry friend or two. If your property includes outdoor structures, such as sheds, gazebos, or playhouses, have you thought about making those pet-friendly? Here are a few things to consider: Add a pet door to structures to allow dogs or outdoor […]


According National Geographic, more than 60 percent of a household’s water use is from yards. Another brutal statistic? We can lose up to three gallons of water per day just from one leaky faucet or hose. Never before, especially with the constant droughts in the western United States, has such an emphasis been placed on […]


The pops of color in pristine gardens and the meticulous landscaping you see each spring and summer doesn’t happen overnight—there’s a lot of thought, preparation and hard work that goes into these projects. And it all starts about this time of year. Here, we’ll provide a few top tips on getting your shed ready for […]


Adding power to your outdoor structures, whether a shed, playhouse, gazebo or other features, allows you to enjoy them longer and more fully. Maybe some music will add to the ambience of your backyard entertaining, or perhaps you want to ensure your kids’ clubhouse can be used past dusk. However, lights, speakers, and other tools […]


Your structures are practical—they store items or provide a sanctuary. But they also add to the look and feel of your property. The weather—rain, ice, sleet, snow and even sun—can damage your structures and whatever is inside them. But you can be proactive protecting your structures from weather damage by considering the following points. Flooring […]

  Leveling Your Valley Structures Buidling Leveling your Valley Structures storage building begins as we off load the storage shed onto 4 – 4 x 8 x 16 cap blocks, one at each end of the outside skids.  We then place the level on the floor inside the Valley Structures building. We use a jack, […]


Just like your home’s roof, you must pay attention to the condition of your rafters and trusses that support the other structures on your property. Roof trusses provide the framework between load-bearing walls—that means they’re quite important. You’ll want to continually inspect the integrity of these structural components, and address any issues at the first […]