Tiny Houses: Is a Small Home Right for Me?


The tiny house movement is real. With reality shows, books and blogs devoted to these small abodes usually no larger than about 400 square feet, it’s clear there’s quite a buzz about downsizing your living space—and stuff. But is a tiny house right for you and your family? Here are some reasons a tiny home might—or might be for you.

You’re Looking to Live More Frugally

Many people are attracted to the idea of living in a tiny house because of the potential cost savings. While buying or building a tiny home is an up-front investment, it’s one that can pay off over time. (Plus, you’re not likely to be tied to a several-decades-long mortgage!) According to Tiny Life, 68 percent of people who own a tiny home do not have a mortgage. Aside from the total cost of the home, one of the biggest areas of savings in in utilities. According to CompactAppliance.com, the owners of tiny homes spend about $30 to $50 in utilities each month. Tiny homes also cost less to furnish and decorate.

You’re Environmentally Conscious

Another appealing aspect of tiny homes is a reduced carbon footprint. If fact, many people choose this housing option so they can live completely off the grid. If you’re still hooked up, the cost savings are tremendous. Think how many fewer lightbulbs you’ll need. Your appliances will likely be smaller. Overall, you’re sure to use significantly less energy than a “normal-size” house.

You Have a Small Family (And You’re Not Claustrophobic)

According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average tiny house is 186 square feet. Think about what that means for how close you’ll be to your significant other and, if you have them, kids or pets. Most everyone desires some kind of privacy from time to time, so think about how you will handle the extreme close quarters. If you have small children, remember that they will grow up and need more space eventually.


There are many others things to consider before you purchase a tiny home such as your lifestyle, your work commute, and where you will live. In fact, perhaps the biggest obstacle for potential tiny home owners is finding a place to put your home. Do you want it on a foundation, or do you want the freedom to move around the country as you wish, such as staying at RV parks?

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