Crazy Spaces: 7 Strange And Unique Uses of Storage Structures

Crazy Spaces: 7 Strange And Unique Uses of Storage Structures

Backyard storage structures aren’t just for lawnmowers anymore. A storage structure could provide an entire room right in your backyard. There are many strange and unique ways in which people are transforming storage structures into dream worthy spaces. Many of these unique uses for storage structures require customization such as electrical work, so definitely check with a local contractor to find out what the codes are in your county.


Here are seven unique uses for storage structures:


An Artist Studio

Let the paint splatter and turn your storage shed into a place where the sky is the limit. A storage shed makes for the perfect artist studio in that it is a wide-open space that can be set up with professional lighting or natural light from large windows.


Workout Room

Are you tired of a gym membership? If so, turn a storage shed into a home gym where you can workout close to home. No more tripping over kettlebells in your bedroom.


An Animal Shelter

When the weather is bad, a storage structure is a perfect place to house your outdoor pets and livestock. It is also an ideal

location to keep rescue dogs that might need a home for a few days until they find their forever family.


Mechanics Shed

Why use your garage when you can have your very own shop? If you love to work on your car, motorcycle or farm equipment a

storage structure is a perfect place to practice your skill.


Basketball Court

If you live in a cold climate and have kids that can’t get enough basketball practice your storage shed can easily transform into a full

court, half court, or mini court to for practice. It’s a great way to keep the kids moving in the cold winter months.


Music Studio

If your High School band is still together, or you have a child that recently caught the band bug, go ahead and turn your storage shed

into the ultimate music studio. Soundproofing is possible, so nobody needs to hear your jams.


Reading Room

A reading room is a dream for the introvert at heart. Storage sheds can quickly become a cozy retreat where you can curl up with your favorite

book and zone out.


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