Person building DIY shed kit in backyard.

DIY Shed Kit or Prefab? Which Shed is the Best?

Shed kits are rising in popularity due to their low prices, but there are several disadvantages to consider before buying. This blog explains what to expect when buying a shed kit vs. a prefab shed.
Barn stock shed on sales lot

How To Relocate Your Shed With Ease

Moving across town or want to move your shed somewhere new on your property? Our shed experts walk you through the process.
12x12 Shenandoah Gazebo

How To Decorate Your Backyard Gazebo

We outline five tips for decorating your gazebo to create an inviting outdoor retreat in your backyard. Learn about themes, seating, lighting, and more from Valley Structures.
red horse run in shed with two stalls

What’s Best For Your Horse? A Run-In Shed or Barn?

We compare the benefits of two horse shelter options: run-in sheds and barns. Learn about the advantages of each option before making an informed decision for your horse’s well-being.
sample of valley structures dog kennels

3 Benefits of Outdoor Dog Kennels & Houses for Your Furry Friend

Dog kennels and houses provide your dog with dedicated space for rest and play, adding security and privacy. Learn the benefits of adding a backyard structure for your dog.
red chicken coop with white trim

Choosing The Perfect Chicken Coop: The Ultimate Guide For Backyard Chicken Owners

Learn the important considerations for finding the ideal chicken coop, from regulations to sizing, ventilation, maintenance and more.
circular wooden gazebo sitting on shed storage lot.

What is the Difference Between a Pergola and a Gazebo?

Many ask whether a gazebo or a pergola is right for their outdoor space. Learn the difference between them and what to consider in this article.
beige shed used as storage unit sitting on sales lot.

How To Decide Between A Storage Unit And A Backyard Shed

Need more space to store your stuff? Learn how to decide between renting a storage unit and buying a shed.
Female gardener wearing black rubber protective gloves and apron repotting begonia plant in her she shed.

Five She Sheds That Inspire

We’ve gathered our five favorite "she shed" ideas to inspire you to create the backyard retreat of your dreams.
white greenhouse from side view, showcasing glass walls and ceiling

Seed Starters In A Greenhouse: The Best Way To Jumpstart Your Growing Season

Learn why planting seed starters in your greenhouse is the most effective way to start your growing season while you wait for the ground to thaw.
interior of white greenhouse with shelves and glass windows and ceiling

Three Benefits Of Using A Greenhouse

Read about the best benefits of using a greenhouse that make gardening more fun and efficient.
close up of solar panels for shed

Adding A Solar Kit To Your Shed in Richmond: Is It Worth It?

A lot of people ask, is solar worth it for my shed? We will go through five key questions to consider before going solar.