Choosing the right garage is a big deal, but thinking through the steps before purchasing ensures you get exactly what you need.

Have you ever thought about the perks of a detached garage? We’ve compiled five reasons it’s a great addition to your property.

Find out why Harrisonburg homeowners prefer to keep their car in a detached garage.

Whenever you’re remodeling or building, it’s natural to consider the return on your investment (ROI).

Garages are a versatile amenity to have attached to your home. They provide a safe place to park your vehicles—and to keep them out of the rain and snow. They also can give you a storage area for equipment, tools, and household items. Finally, they can serve as a workshop, as a play room, and as a hang-out spot. With all these options, it’s easy to see how garage doors can get an incredible about of use. Up. Down. Open. Close.

Here are some considerations for your garage door maintenance.

  • Check the hardware: tighten your nuts and bolts.
  • Lubricate the chains/screws/rollers/hinges: The lubrication helps smoothen the door’s operation—and keeps things quieter.
  • Clean the door and all components, and wipe dry when you’re done.
  • Check the weather stripping for damage. And if you don’t have a seal on your door, consider installing one; it will save energy and help protect your garage and items.
  • Test your door’s balance; for your garage door to function properly and last longer, it should be properly balanced.
  • Test any automatic safety systems (such as an emergency reversal or stop system)

Don’t forget the outside! While ensuring the garage door is in working order keeps everyone safe, also keep in mind aesthetics. Depending on the size of your garage, its door can take up a big part of your home’s exterior.