Building a space-saving workbench by yourself adds extra storage and workspace to your garage or shed. Many people are creating additional space saving workbenches to work on craft projects or small household repairs. Most are done over the course of a weekend with little to no stress.


Before Starting DIY Workbench


Plan ahead. Before you start building your workbench, jot down what its primary use will be. Will it be mostly for storage? Do you want a large space to work on big projects? Do you want a mixture of functional space and usable storage? Make sure to take proper measurements. A workbench that is too high or too low will be very uncomfortable for its primary user. Also, don’t make your workbench too deep. Many people think that workbenches need great depth. In fact, most projects for space saving workbenches only need about 12 inches of depth. There is no reason that your workbench should be more than 24 inches deep. Always consider your skill level and budget, and get busy!


These 5 Space Saving Workbench ideas should inspire you to start building:


Popular Mechanics This sturdy and professional workbench from popular mechanics also happens to be beautiful. This article includes step-by-step instructions in a .pdf file.


Instructable Workbench. This video tutorial will show you how to build a sturdy workbench quickly and inexpensively in only a few hours work. The workbench presented this video is 80 inches long x 36 inches wide x 34 inches tall, and rock solid.


Anna White. Anna has an eye for design and function. Her workbench has roll away carts with built-in tools. They save space and maximize functionality and storage.


Fold Down Workbench. A fold down workbench is the ideal way to save precious garage space. This workbench can be built in an afternoon and is a major upgrade to what you have piling in the corners of your garage or shed right now.


Pegboard Workbench This article will help you build an organized pegboard tool cabinet and simple workbench. The design and colors are inspiring. This simple workbench also makes for the perfect craft space.


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If your family keeps growing, the chances are that the amount of storage you have is decreasing. It’s time to get creative and figure out ways to finally utilize your overhead space for storage. Don’t be alarmed; these simple tips will get you are your way to finding a place for everything. There is something here for every budget and every skill level.


Many types of overhead racks make storing Christmas decorations and baby strollers stress-free. They are easy to be installed and hold hundreds of pounds of goods, so you don’t have to worry about them coming crashing down while you sleep. Here are some options to get you thinking. Here are the 10 best storage racks of 2016.


 A sliding storage solution is the perfect DIY project, and all you will need are some heavy-duty storage bins, 2x 4’s and plywood strips. This article gives you step-by-step instructions on creating a way to get all of your off season clothes off the floor and up to the ceiling.


The Family Handyman website will fill with ideas in how to transform your wide-open garage into the storage room of your dreams and still fit your car. This article covers everything from building a place for your cumbersome ladder to building your own bicycle lift!


This video shows you the how to build your own pulley system in less than two minutes. Of course, building this storage solution will require a lot more than two minutes, but it proves that you don’t have to spend your entire paycheck buying overhead storage solutions.


If you have some extra cash, offers a mobilized ceiling storage system. It allows you to safely lower the Storage Platform off the ceiling with the push of a button. You can even control this storage solution with an app on your phone!


Regardless of which storage solution you choose. Make sure to take some proper measurements before you begin your research. Also, take into consideration the weight of the items you need to store. All of this will become very handy as you shop for the best overhead storage solution for your household.


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What child doesn't dream of having a playhouse away from the routine of everyday life? Turning an outdoor shed into an oasis for your child’s imagination is possible at any budget. Research shows that unsupervised and unstructured play results in emotionally sounds adults. A playhouse promotes physical activity, group play, and creativity.


These shed playhouses will have your kids, or maybe even yourself, green with envy.


5 Cool Playhouses that Were Once Sheds


Adorable Cottage This is such an amazing transformation! You have to check out the before and after pictures on this article. This run down backyard shed was changed into an adorable cottage for two little girls. The new shed has a fresh coat of paint, carpeting, and even a pretend kitchen. This shed will give these little girls hours of imaginative play that will build their future social skills in the world.


Storage, Climbing Wall, Playhouse Combo This family turned a simple backyard shed into everything a kid could ask for. The small outdoor shed remains available for storage, but an area was also created just for the kids. The climbing wall is a creative way to add additional physical activity to the play structure the shed is attached to.


Shed/Playhouse Combo with a Slide Building an extra floor onto an existing floor adds the additional space needs to for quality play time with friends. This slide is the perfect way to get the neighborhoods kids to want to play at your house. What is super about this shed transformation is that the family uses it to hang their children’s artwork.  Plus, this shed will encourage kids to keep moving will benefit their overall health and improve their immune systems.


Shed Turned Playhouse This family turned a completely dilapidated shed into a two-story playhouse with an animal theme and trap door. New windows, walls, and flooring made this shed a safe and fun place to create lasting memories. Watch this inspiring video.


#Shedspiration This tiny storage shed was transformed by some painting tape, colorful paint, decorations, seating and a blackboard. Even the littlest spaces can provide hours of fun! It is clear that this shed will be a place where kids can read, play, have fun in their unique space.


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Backyard storage structures aren’t just for lawnmowers anymore. A storage structure could provide an entire room right in your backyard. There are many strange and unique ways in which people are transforming storage structures into dream worthy spaces. Many of these unique uses for storage structures require customization such as electrical work, so definitely check with a local contractor to find out what the codes are in your county.


Here are seven unique uses for storage structures:


An Artist Studio

Let the paint splatter and turn your storage shed into a place where the sky is the limit. A storage shed makes for the perfect artist studio in that it is a wide-open space that can be set up with professional lighting or natural light from large windows.


Workout Room

Are you tired of a gym membership? If so, turn a storage shed into a home gym where you can workout close to home. No more tripping over kettlebells in your bedroom.


An Animal Shelter

When the weather is bad, a storage structure is a perfect place to house your outdoor pets and livestock. It is also an ideal

location to keep rescue dogs that might need a home for a few days until they find their forever family.


Mechanics Shed

Why use your garage when you can have your very own shop? If you love to work on your car, motorcycle or farm equipment a

storage structure is a perfect place to practice your skill.


Basketball Court

If you live in a cold climate and have kids that can’t get enough basketball practice your storage shed can easily transform into a full

court, half court, or mini court to for practice. It’s a great way to keep the kids moving in the cold winter months.


Music Studio

If your High School band is still together, or you have a child that recently caught the band bug, go ahead and turn your storage shed

into the ultimate music studio. Soundproofing is possible, so nobody needs to hear your jams.


Reading Room

A reading room is a dream for the introvert at heart. Storage sheds can quickly become a cozy retreat where you can curl up with your favorite

book and zone out.


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