5 of the Coolest Shed Playhouses Ever

5 of the Coolest Shed Playhouses Ever

What child doesn't dream of having a playhouse away from the routine of everyday life? Turning an outdoor shed into an oasis for your child’s imagination is possible at any budget. Research shows that unsupervised and unstructured play results in emotionally sounds adults. A playhouse promotes physical activity, group play, and creativity.


These shed playhouses will have your kids, or maybe even yourself, green with envy.


5 Cool Playhouses that Were Once Sheds


Adorable Cottage This is such an amazing transformation! You have to check out the before and after pictures on this article. This run down backyard shed was changed into an adorable cottage for two little girls. The new shed has a fresh coat of paint, carpeting, and even a pretend kitchen. This shed will give these little girls hours of imaginative play that will build their future social skills in the world.


Storage, Climbing Wall, Playhouse Combo This family turned a simple backyard shed into everything a kid could ask for. The small outdoor shed remains available for storage, but an area was also created just for the kids. The climbing wall is a creative way to add additional physical activity to the play structure the shed is attached to.


Shed/Playhouse Combo with a Slide Building an extra floor onto an existing floor adds the additional space needs to for quality play time with friends. This slide is the perfect way to get the neighborhoods kids to want to play at your house. What is super about this shed transformation is that the family uses it to hang their children’s artwork.  Plus, this shed will encourage kids to keep moving will benefit their overall health and improve their immune systems.


Shed Turned Playhouse This family turned a completely dilapidated shed into a two-story playhouse with an animal theme and trap door. New windows, walls, and flooring made this shed a safe and fun place to create lasting memories. Watch this inspiring video.


#Shedspiration This tiny storage shed was transformed by some painting tape, colorful paint, decorations, seating and a blackboard. Even the littlest spaces can provide hours of fun! It is clear that this shed will be a place where kids can read, play, have fun in their unique space.


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