There are so many different styles of sheds on the market, and one of the most popular options is the barn shed.

It may not be a piece of jewelry or a new iPad, but an attractive shed can be a Christmas gift you’ll always remember.

Cleaning and organizing your home is easier when you have a shed to sort and store your things. Whether you’re focused on getting rid of unused items or simply cleaning areas you don’t reach regularly, an outdoor shed is an ideal space to put things temporarily or store items used infrequently.

Are you thinking about investing in an outdoor storage shed? We may be biased, but we think a shed is an effective tool in keeping your home and property organized and clean.

Your shed floor doesn’t’ have to be dirty, dingy and cold. There are many ways to upgrade your shed floor so it looks great and is comfortable to walk on. Your shed flooring needs to be durable, dependable and comfortable., but there is no reason why it can’t look good too.


Common Shed Flooring Problems


A cement slab on the floor will be cold to walk on and will likely make the rest of your shed feel cold as well.


You don’t want a shed floor that is too hard. If you spend hours working in your shed, your feet and back will begin to ache.


A slippery floor. When it rains, painted floors become very slippery and can land you on your back.


A floor that is not level might not seem like a big deal, but wait until your paint cans tip over all over your shed floor.


Here are some flooring options for your shed:


Epoxy Coating The best way to spruce up your shed floor it to use epoxy coating. This is a type of paint, often available in a wide range of colors, that dries to a shiny rock hard finish. They can get slippery, so make sure to buy the non-slip additive prior to plying it to your shed floor.


Timber Flooring Timber flooring can be used in just about any type of shed. It looks good and is very comfortable for your back and feet. The timber does not get as cold as cements to it helps your shed stay warmer in the winter. As wood is susceptible to rot and damage from critter, it is important to keep it sealed.


Carpet No matter what type of existing flooring you have in your shed, carpet is a good option. Scope out the places where you will be spending most of your time and place some old carpet down. This will keep the shed much warmer and will be much more comfortable on your feet. Here are some design inspirations for carpeting your shed


Rubber Mats Rubber mats are very useful in relieving the strain on feet and joints often caused by long hours standing. Rubber mats are easy to clean and extremely durable. Good quality rubber mats can be a little expensive, but they are worth the investment.


Sandpaper A cost effective shed flooring option is sandpaper. You can buy rolls of sandpaper in a range of sizes. All you have to do is unroll the sandpaper, peel off the backing, and stick it to a clean surface. Sandpaper will provide a non-slip surface even when it is wet or oily. Sandpaper can fall apart when wet and has to be replaced more often than other shed flooring options.

Are you ready to upgrade the flooring on your outdoor structure? Let us know what you choose! 

Many homeowners are tired of looking at an old and depressing shed on their property, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix it up. Window boxes are an inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor structure and make it the envy of the neighborhood.


Since many sheds are used as a playhouse, reading room, or exercise room, window boxes add that pop of life and color that incorporate the outdoor structure into the entire property. Many homeowners choose a color them to match their home and flowers to compliment their outdoor landscaping.


When adding a flower box to your outdoor structure, it is best that it is made of durable plastic, so it does not rot or crack in the elements. It is easy to find them is several sizes and colors. Grab some flower boxes and start planting your favorite flowers right away!


You can also construct a wooden window box. It might not be as durable, but they are easy and fun to make. They also mean more than buying one from the shop. If you are somewhat handy with a hammer, you can customize your window box to suit your outdoor structure. This article from will have you on your way to building the perfect window box.


These Three Window Boxes Will Inspire You To Transform Your Outdoor Structure:


On a Potting Shed Even the tiniest spaces can be spruced up by a window box. This potting shed added lots of charm to this tiny workroom

On A She Shed She Sheds are the latest trend for women seeking a little time away from the hubby and kids. It is the female answer to a man cave and the perfect place for window boxes of any style. This article showcases a variety of ways in which window boxes can be used to add some charisma to an ordinary shed


On a Playhouse Even the simplest playhouses can be transformed by adding a simple window box. Adding a window box to your child’s playhouse is a great way to teach them about gardening. This window box is an adorable example


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What child doesn't dream of having a playhouse away from the routine of everyday life? Turning an outdoor shed into an oasis for your child’s imagination is possible at any budget. Research shows that unsupervised and unstructured play results in emotionally sounds adults. A playhouse promotes physical activity, group play, and creativity.


These shed playhouses will have your kids, or maybe even yourself, green with envy.


5 Cool Playhouses that Were Once Sheds


Adorable Cottage This is such an amazing transformation! You have to check out the before and after pictures on this article. This run down backyard shed was changed into an adorable cottage for two little girls. The new shed has a fresh coat of paint, carpeting, and even a pretend kitchen. This shed will give these little girls hours of imaginative play that will build their future social skills in the world.


Storage, Climbing Wall, Playhouse Combo This family turned a simple backyard shed into everything a kid could ask for. The small outdoor shed remains available for storage, but an area was also created just for the kids. The climbing wall is a creative way to add additional physical activity to the play structure the shed is attached to.


Shed/Playhouse Combo with a Slide Building an extra floor onto an existing floor adds the additional space needs to for quality play time with friends. This slide is the perfect way to get the neighborhoods kids to want to play at your house. What is super about this shed transformation is that the family uses it to hang their children’s artwork.  Plus, this shed will encourage kids to keep moving will benefit their overall health and improve their immune systems.


Shed Turned Playhouse This family turned a completely dilapidated shed into a two-story playhouse with an animal theme and trap door. New windows, walls, and flooring made this shed a safe and fun place to create lasting memories. Watch this inspiring video.


#Shedspiration This tiny storage shed was transformed by some painting tape, colorful paint, decorations, seating and a blackboard. Even the littlest spaces can provide hours of fun! It is clear that this shed will be a place where kids can read, play, have fun in their unique space.


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As a new year begins, often we try to implement new and better habits. That can be applied to many areas of our life, including how we care for our property. In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips about outdoor structure ownership. 

Choose a good location. Find level ground for your shed. This is literally the foundation of proper maintenance. 
Paint your unfinished wooden shed. It’s a best practice to paint your shed within 60 days if installation. This protective covering helps your shed last longer. 
Lubricate your handles. Be sure your knobs and handles are in working order by lubricating them from time to time. 
Watch vegetation. Keep the area around your outdoor storage structure trimmed. This does many things, including keeping critters away. 
Properly ventilate your shed. No matter what type of structure you have – wood or metal – proper air circulation is important. 
Winterize your shed. The cold weather and other elements that come along with winter can wreak havoc on your shed. Be sure it’s ready for the cold and wet season. 
Keep your shed clean and organized. Over time, the items you store will seemingly multiply. As your shed fills up, you may need to install shelves, peg boards, hooks, and other organizational elements. A clean and organized shed is safer and easier to manage. 
Check for rot. Over time, moisture can damage your wooden storage structure. Look for rotted parts and replace or repair. 
Check for leaks. Moisture inside a shed is not good. Check your roof and other areas for leaks and fix immediately—before they spread. 
Repaint your shed. Going along with our earlier tip, we suggested repainting your shed every three to four years. Depending on where you live, this could be needed more often. 


It’s important to protect your investment in outdoor storage structures – as well as to continue to protect everything inside of it. 


Happy New Year!