Valley Structures’ Shed Buying Guide Part 1: Size & Styles

If you wonder, “What’s the right shed for me?” you’re in the right place. This shed guide explains how to find the perfect shed to meet your needs!

From size considerations to door and siding choices, we delve into features and options essential for your shed-buying journey.

Sheds from above in paved lot

Determine The Purpose & Style Of Your Shed.

Sheds aren’t always storage spaces; they can be playhouses or offices. The shed’s intended purpose is a crucial factor influencing your buying journey, as this decision impacts size, features and design considerations.

Whether you want a petite storage shed or a workshop with plenty of space, select a style that caters to your requirements and complements your home’s architecture.

Here is a list of sheds Valley Structures specializes in and their best uses:

  • Chicken Coop: Tailored for chicken housing and storage of related supplies
  • Greenhouse: Ideal for nurturing plants and seedlings year-round
  • Garden House: Great to use as a storage space or as a cozy retreat
  • Condo: Designed for compact storage needs like yard equipment, decorations, tools and supplies; a solution for urban properties and those with challenging access
  • Vinyl/Wood Gazebo: Offers a stylish outdoor space
  • Dog Kennel: Specifically designed for pet housing
  • Horse Barn & Run-In Shed: Excellent for housing animals, storing hay and feed or larger equipment
  • Williamsburg Dormer: Provides a classic look with extra overhead space
  • Carriage House & Barn: Suitable for various storage needs, including tools and equipment or as a workshop
  • Classic Shed: Designed for practical storage needs
  • Garage: Made to store cars, tools and equipment
  • Two-Story/Attic: Perfect way to store lawn equipment and tools in the space below and decorations and clothing in the attic above
  • Cottage: Ideal for practical storage needs or as a charming addition to a garden or backyard and resembles small, traditional houses
  • Villa: Perfect for larger equipment or outdoor gear and offers a more elegant appearance
  • Chalet: Ideal for storing seasonal items and outdoor furniture and has a charming and rustic look similar to mountain cabins
  • Playhouse: A cheerful space for building practical skills and spending time outside

Decide The Size Of Your Shed Based On Capacity Needs.

Once you’ve clarified your shed’s purpose, the question arises: What size should it be? First, decide what and how much you’ll store inside your structure. This will determine the best sidewall height to meet your shed’s capacity needs.

For example:

  • Sheds with a 4-6′ sidewall can store bikes, lawn & garden tools and push mowers.
  • Items like lawn tractors, wheelbarrows and bulky equipment fit well in the 7′ sidewall shed.
  • Sheds with an 8′ sidewall are ideal for motorcycles, recreational vehicles and oversized equipment and make for a great hobby area.

Customize Your Shed To Make It Uniquely Yours.

Now that you understand your shed’s purpose and size, let’s talk about customization. Whether you need single or double doors, additional windows or unique siding options, we’ve got you covered.

For those seeking a backyard retreat, focus on customization options like ventilation, lighting and roof height for comfort and ambiance. If your shed is for storage, consider the types of items you’ll store, such as bikes or pool equipment, and choose shelving configurations accordingly. Wall storage, overhead space, and customizable shelving or hooks are additions to fit sheds with 7’ and 8’ sidewalls.

When it comes to doors, assess what suits your shed best. Single doors work well for smaller structures, while double doors are ideal for larger sheds, especially if you plan to store large equipment. Further personalize your space with additional door options like transom doors, Dutch doors and more.

The exterior of your shed also offers ample room for customization. Enhance its aesthetics with various trims and siding options, including painted or stained LP SmartPanel or Vinyl Siding. Add a touch of charm with exterior add-ons like shutters and window boxes.

Inside, elevate the functionality of your shed with various framing options and interior add-ons. Choose from shelves, workbenches, partitions and other features to make the space truly yours. Customization not only enhances the shed’s practicality but also its overall look and feel.

At Valley Structures, We’ll Guide You Through The Shed-Buying Process.

Our goal is to assist you in finding the ideal shed that integrates into your space, meets your storage needs and adds value to your property. We offer prebuilt and delivered structures or can build on-site.

Explore our inventory to help make an informed decision. We serve Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester and the surrounding areas. Contact one of our friendly team members to assist you in choosing the right shed!

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