How To Winterize Your Shed

Winter is on its way! Don’t let the frosty weather wreak havoc on your shed and tools. It’s important to get your shed ready for the cold months ahead to protect your equipment. These steps will help you keep your shed and gear safe and secure from the harsh winter weather.

Step 1: Organize Your Shed & Remove Unnecessary Items.

  • Remove any debris that may have accumulated during the summer months to help prevent pests from making a home in your shed during the winter.
  • Organize the space by categorizing items with shelves, hooks, and labeled containers.

Step 2: Winterize All Equipment Before Storing Them For The Winter.

  • Clean and dry each item to eliminate moisture.
  • Apply a rust inhibitor or lubricant to metal surfaces to prevent rust formation.
  • Prepare your lawnmower for winter by draining the fuel tank or adding a fuel stabilizer, then replace the oil if needed.

Step 3: Thoroughly Inspect For Cracks, Gaps, Leaks, Or Damage.

  • After visually inspecting the interior, exterior, and roof, head to your local hardware store.
  • Purchase silicone caulk, weather stripping, or expanding foam.
  • Cold air tends to penetrate even the tiniest openings, so caulk or weatherstripping is your secret weapon.
  • Seal up any cracks around windows, doors, and vents to help keep out drafts and moisture.

Step 4: Pay Special Attention To The Windows & Doors.

  • Windows and doors are extra susceptible to cold air due to a lack of insulation.
  • To protect your windows, cover them with plastic sheeting and duct tape. This extra barrier helps retain warmth.
  • Replace weather stripping around doorways to seal any gaps along the edges.

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