When you build or purchase a shed, you’re likely envisioning that it will be part of your property for a long time. Just as you care for your home by keeping up with maintenance and repairs, you’ll need to pay attention to your shed’s condition. Starting with quality materials is one way to keep things in tip-top condition—and helps protect your investment in your shed.

Quality siding for your outdoor structures, including garden sheds, workshop sheds, and other types of backyard buildings, helps protect and preserve them. Siding keeps the elements out.

As with homes, there are two main types of siding: vinyl and wood:

  • Vinyl siding is long-lasting and easy to maintain and clean; it is pest- and weather-resistant, too. Vinyl siding usually comes in an array of colors, so you’re sure to find something that matches your home. Many manufacturers offer a warranty, which adds to the value of vinyl.
  • Wood siding can come in a variety of types (cedar, for instance); wood is durable and looks good, but it sometimes costs more than vinyl. However, if you’re going for a certain aesthetic, wood siding may be best for you. Staining or painting adds to the look and feel, while protecting the shed—but a natural wood finish can also look rustic.

Other types of shed siding include metal, tin, and engineered wood.

Thinking about residing your shed? Valley Structures offers wood and vinyl siding in a variety of colors and trim.