Think of your storage shed or other outdoor structure as an extension of your house. This means keeping it in mind for larger landscaping projects, or using it as the focus for its own design theme. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about landscaping around your structures.


Adding landscaping around the perimeter—or part of the edges—of your shed adds some beauty to your backyard. There are more ideas here than a blog post could possible contain—but consider the flowers and plants that best suit your personality, desired look and the climate in your area. You may also think about planting shrubs, bushes or a tree or too.


Don’t forget that brick and stone can be beautiful AND functional. Consider building a path made of brick or stone.


Aside from plants and stones, consider what else can add to the atmosphere. Trellises (with climbing vines!), birdhouses or birdbaths, benches, sun dials, metal folk art, and more can be nice touches.

Water Features

Small ponds or fountains can add to the ambiance of the area, too.


Whether you want to make the backyard building a part of a larger theme or if you want it to serve as an anchor to a separate project, there are many, many ideas to explore. You’re only limited by your imagination! 

Want to dress up your storage shed? From adding pops of color to finding news uses for your structure, here are a few ways you can upgrade your storage shed.

Give it a Paint Job

It’s seem so simple—just to slap on a new coat of paint. But don’t underestimate the power of color and how it can freshen up your shed and your entire yard. Choose a vibrant shade with a complementary trim color—maybe an accent shade for the doors.

Add Window Dressing

If your shed doesn’t already have shutters, consider adding some. They really can add to the look of your shed! While you’re at it, install some flower boxes and fill with colorful varieties. This literally adds some life to your outdoor structure.

Tack on Décor

A nice shade doesn’t have to be the only thing covering your exterior walls. Consider adding outdoor-safe adornments such as signs, barn stars or other decorative accents. An awning can be a nice touch, too.

Create a Functional Space

Have you ever thought of creating a small sitting area? The side of your shed can become a nice place to relax; just add on a small deck or patio and top with outdoor furniture.

Remodel or Install New Features

A few other ways to upgrade your storage shed including adding vinyl siding, which also adds more protection, or putting in skylights. There are plenty of things you can do to the interior, such as new storage options and other organizational projects. 

Keeping our homes secure is important to our safety and well-being—and protects are personal belongings from theft or damage. We are keen about locking our doors and windows when we’re not home, and, often, invest in security systems. It’s just as important to protect our outbuildings. Here are some tips on how to keep your structures safe and secure, whether a shed, barn, playhouse, animal shelter or gazebo.


Lock Your Doors and Windows

Depending on what you keep in your shed, there could be a pretty penny worth of items inside, from expensive power tools to sports equipment. Make sure you have adequate, working locks on all doors and windows—this means bolted (not screwed) through the door and reinforced with a steel plate. If using padlocks, make sure they are the thicker kind. The ‘key’ part here is to make sure you lock the windows and doors after every use.

Mind Your Windows

In addition to locking your windows, there are a few other things you can do to protect your shed. For instances, make sure the windows are covered so that would-be burglars can’t be tempted by what they see inside. Also, you can install metal grills—or even chicken wire—on the inside of shed windows to prevent thieves from breaking in that way.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a huge theft deterrent. Consider installing motion-detector security lights on your outdoor structures. This will spook burglars—and alert your (or neighbors) that something isn’t right.

Put in an Alarm

If you’re really concerned about the safety of your shed, consider installing a security system. There are less expensive alternatives to the high-tech, monitored solutions.


Our outdoor structures are an extension of home—and contain valuable items. We should give their protection the same consideration.