Valley Structures’ Shed Buying Guide Part 2: Installation & Delivery

Shed selection was the focus of our last blog, and if you’ve made your choice, congratulations! Now, let’s move on to the next critical phases: installation and delivery. Ensuring proper preparation and understanding of the process will guarantee a smooth installation and delivery for your shed.

Shed delivery truck

Check Compliance With Local Regulations & Homeowner’s Association Guidelines.

Before you begin your shed installation, it’s crucial to consult local authorities regarding permit necessities. Typically, structures up to 12’x20′ may not require permits, while larger sheds often do, along with needing a specific foundation type.

Permit requirements can differ based on the shed’s size, height and location. Always follow your municipality’s regulations and any applicable homeowner’s association guidelines to avoid legal complications.

Prepare For Installation: Selecting The Right Surface & Foundation.

Before installing your shed, you must select and prepare your site with the proper foundation.

To prepare the site of your shed, assess if you have a level surface to place it on. It could be a concrete slab or a level area in your yard. If you need more clarification about the level of your yard, you can always hire a professional to level it for you.

Foundation choice depends on how you’re using your shed. Concrete offers the best support for vehicles, tractors and heavy equipment. Gravel and wood foundations will work great for smaller sheds for general storage and workspaces.

We’ll Help You Navigate The Delivery Process For Your Prebuilt Shed.

Once your site is prepped and permits secured, we’ll coordinate with you to arrange a delivery time. Keep in mind that delivery schedules can be weather-dependent, requiring some flexibility.

To ensure a smooth delivery day, please clear any path obstructions to the shed’s location, including temporary removal of fencing if needed. Our delivery team will place your shed precisely on its prepared foundation, ensuring its level and proper installation before concluding their service.

Our sheds are prebuilt at our Dayton workshop and ready for immediate use. However, on-site assembly may be required in specific scenarios, mainly when backyard access is restricted. There is an additional cost to build a regular storage shed on-site. For the story & a 1/2 and full attic sheds, we must finish construction on the premises due to their larger size, so we include the on-site setup in the cost of the shed.

Valley Structures Is Your Lynchburg Shed Expert.

Our goal is to assist you in finding the ideal shed that integrates into your space, meets your storage needs and adds value to your property.

Explore our inventory to help make an informed decision. We serve Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester and the surrounding areas. Contact one of our friendly team members today!

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