Do You Need A Concrete Slab For A Storage Shed?

You’ve picked out your storage shed. You’ve decided where it’ll go on your property. Now you need to determine the material under your storage shed – its foundation. But how do you decide which material to go with – wood, gravel or concrete? Concrete is the strongest foundation, and though it’s expensive, it’s worth the investment. Here’s when you may need a concrete foundation under your storage shed:

Start With Your Storage Shed’s Square Footage

Size is one of the first factors that affect your foundation choice. For most sheds smaller than 240 ft2 (12’x20’ or less), concrete isn’t necessary. Anything bigger than 256 ft2 may need a stronger, concrete foundation.

Consider How You’re Using Your Shed

Concrete offers the best support for vehicles, tractors and heavy equipment. If you’re installing a larger structure that will store vehicles, concrete might be your best bet. For smaller sheds used for general storage and workspaces, gravel and wood foundations will work great.

Think About Water Drainage

Where your shed sits on your property matters too. If the site is below the grade of the rest of your yard, a concrete slab can add extra height. However, concrete doesn’t drain as well as other foundation materials, and improper drainage can damage your shed when water puddles form.

Check Your Local Code Requirements

Different localities (and homeowner’s associations) have different permitting requirements. Permits often depend on the size, height and location of your storage shed. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to check with local authorities and follow all codes before installation.

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You Can Trust Valley Structures With Storage Shed Advice

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right foundation. If you’re not sure which foundation is right for your needs, we would love to help. Valley Structures’ experienced staff can talk you through your project and make recommendations. We serve Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester and beyond and would love to set you up with the storage shed of your dreams. Contact us today!

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