How To Create More Storage Space In Your Home

Do you need more storage space in your home? If so, you’re not alone. Say “goodbye” to clutter and “hello” to a more spacious home with these easy and affordable storage solutions.

Go Through Each Room & Make Piles Of Items You Can Donate, Sell, Or Throw Away.

Be honest; if you haven’t used something in over a year, it’s time to let it go. Parting with items you no longer use frees up space and creates a peaceful, stress-free environment.

Utilize Vertical Space By Installing Shelves Or Hooks On The Walls To Hang Items Such As Coats, Hats, & Bags.

Consider tall bookshelves or cabinets to take advantage of height without sacrificing floor space. You can even install a loft bed to create more floor space in a bedroom.

Furnish Your Space With Pieces That Save Room & Add Versatility To Your Home.

For example, store blankets and extra pillows in an ottoman while it also serves as a footrest or additional seating. Store clothes and extra linens in a bed with built-in drawers underneath, saving space in your closet.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space With Drawer Dividers, Stackable Containers, & Hanging Hooks.

Use the space above your kitchen cabinets to store rarely used appliances or decorative items. And don’t forget the insides of cabinet doors—installing racks or hooks can provide additional storage for cutting boards, measuring cups, or even small kitchen gadgets. A well-organized kitchen not only streamlines meal preparation but also enhances the overall enjoyment of your cooking space.

Use Shelves, Drawers, & Hanging Rods To Organize Your Closets.

We suggest space-saving hangers or drawer organizers to keep things tidy. Add over-the-door organizers to the back of the closet door for even more storage. Lastly, use transparent storage bins to help quickly identify and access your belongings.

White shed with a metal roof and black door.

If Your Home Lacks Adequate Space, Invest In A Shed!

After decluttering and organizing your living spaces, having a dedicated storage area is a great way to keep household overflow items readily accessible, like seasonal decorations, sports equipment, clothing, furniture, and more. If you need additional space, talk to a local shed expert; we would love to help. We also recommend investing in hooks, shelving, and bins with our shed storage hacks to maximize your space.

Valley Structures Is Your Richmond Storage Expert.

Valley Structures’ experienced staff can discuss your shed needs and recommend sizes and finishes within your budget. We serve Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester, and beyond. Contact us today!

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