Space Saving DIY Workbench

Space Saving DIY Workbench

Building a space-saving workbench by yourself adds extra storage and workspace to your garage or shed. Many people are creating additional space saving workbenches to work on craft projects or small household repairs. Most are done over the course of a weekend with little to no stress.


Before Starting DIY Workbench


Plan ahead. Before you start building your workbench, jot down what its primary use will be. Will it be mostly for storage? Do you want a large space to work on big projects? Do you want a mixture of functional space and usable storage? Make sure to take proper measurements. A workbench that is too high or too low will be very uncomfortable for its primary user. Also, don’t make your workbench too deep. Many people think that workbenches need great depth. In fact, most projects for space saving workbenches only need about 12 inches of depth. There is no reason that your workbench should be more than 24 inches deep. Always consider your skill level and budget, and get busy!


These 5 Space Saving Workbench ideas should inspire you to start building:


Popular Mechanics This sturdy and professional workbench from popular mechanics also happens to be beautiful. This article includes step-by-step instructions in a .pdf file.


Instructable Workbench. This video tutorial will show you how to build a sturdy workbench quickly and inexpensively in only a few hours work. The workbench presented this video is 80 inches long x 36 inches wide x 34 inches tall, and rock solid.


Anna White. Anna has an eye for design and function. Her workbench has roll away carts with built-in tools. They save space and maximize functionality and storage.


Fold Down Workbench. A fold down workbench is the ideal way to save precious garage space. This workbench can be built in an afternoon and is a major upgrade to what you have piling in the corners of your garage or shed right now.


Pegboard Workbench This article will help you build an organized pegboard tool cabinet and simple workbench. The design and colors are inspiring. This simple workbench also makes for the perfect craft space.


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