4 Reasons Harrisonburg Cars Should Be Parked In A Detached Garage

You may not know it, but parking your car in a detached garage actually has several benefits for people who live in Harrisonburg. Read on to learn our top 4 favorite reasons, and maybe you’ll be inspired to start parking your car in one too!

1 A Detached Garage Offers More Space

The obvious difference between traditional garages and a detached garage is that the latter is not physically connected to your home. As a separate storage building, the garage isn’t limited by the structure of your home; it can be bigger and can be placed in an area of the yard that would otherwise be empty space. In addition to meaning more space for the car, this has the added benefit of not detracting space from your home. You can get use out of every square foot of your house while still keeping your car safe.

2 Storing Chemicals Away From The House Is Safer For Your Family

If you plan to store fuel, cleaner or other chemicals in your garage, it’s safest to keep those in a building separated from your home. Those chemicals could potentially present fire danger or even give off harmful fumes, and you don’t want either of those close to your family. Of course you’ll still need to store those items with the standard safety precautions, but you can have peace of mind that they’re away from your loved ones.

3 You Get All The Benefits Of Storing Your Car In A Garage

One of the best things about garages is that they protect your car. Natural protection from the harsh rays of sun means your car is less likely to experience paint peeling or warping on interior surfaces. And with less exposure to rain, snow and road salt, your finish will last much longer. All of these benefits mean your investment will be protected–and that’s not to mention the inherent increase in security by keeping your car locked up.

4 Homes Look Better With A Detached Garage

Many homeowners report that they dislike the look of an attached garage, especially when the door is on the front face of the house. A quarter or more of the home’s facade may be taken up by the garage door, and it can lead to a disjointed look. Detached garages offer more styling options because you can customize the roof, siding and trim, and you can place them in the backyard out of sight. This is especially true for smaller homes that need all the help they can get in making a big impression.

Valley Structures Will Install The Perfect Detached Garage For Your Home

Do you know the struggle of wasting valuable living space to store your car? Convert your old attached garage into livable space and let us install a new, customized detached garage for your Harrisonburg home. Get in touch for a free estimate!

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