Garage Basics: What You Should Consider Before Installing A New Garage

Garages are super handy for more than just parking cars! They protect your vehicle from the elements, offer space for projects, and store loads of stuff. Choosing the right detached garage is a big deal, but thinking through the steps before purchasing ensures you get exactly what you need.

Garage with light siding, a white door and black shutters on pavement.

Tailor The Size To Fit Your Lifestyle Needs.

Think about what you’ll use your garage for. The size should match your lifestyle, whether it’s just parking, a workspace, storage or a gym. It’s better to choose one that’s a bit larger than you think you need, so you have room for more things in the future instead of feeling cramped right away.

Pick the Perfect Spot & Build A Strong Foundation For Your Garage.

Deciding where to place your detached garage is crucial and often dictated by local regulations. Make sure to check these rules. Remember to get the necessary local permissions before you start building to avoid any issues down the road. In addition, a solid foundation and durable flooring are must-haves.

Express Your Style With The Right Materials & Design.

A custom-designed structure complements your home and gives your property a more cohesive look. Selecting materials like durable metal or classic wood can significantly impact your detached garage’s longevity and maintenance needs, ensuring it remains a valuable and functional part of your home for years to come.

Ensure It’s A Year-Round Comfort Zone With Proper Ventilation & Insulation.

To keep it comfortable year-round, use the highest-quality insulation materials and properly ventilate the space. Consider adding lights and enough outlets for all your needs. And don’t forget security—good locks or an alarm system will keep everything safe.

Add A Quality Garage To Your Property With The Help Of Our Experienced Team At Valley Structures.

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