Fall Clean-up Tips

Fall Clean-up Tips

As the seasons change, so do our household to-do lists. Fall brings the harvest, fun holidays and family gatherings, all things pumpkin and apple, and, of course, the changing of the leaves in many areas of the country. Those leaves, however, contribute to most of the autumn chores. Here are some tips for outside fall clean-up:

Mow Your Grass: Before you put the lawnmower away for the season, trim it one more time. This Old House recommends going down to one and a quarter inches for the last cut of the year. Shorter grass prevents disease.

Fertilize Your Lawn: Fall is a good time to replenish your soil with nutrients it might have lost over the warmer summer months.

Pick Up Leaves: Raking and cleaning up your leaves prevents wet foliage from suffocating your lawn. That can lead to disease, and we want healthy grass! Use a tarp for easier gathering, and then bag them up and dispose of them how your local community prefers. Or you can also add them to a compost pile if you have one.

Check and Clean Gutters: Just as you remove leaves and debris from your lawn, do the same for your gutter system; this will prevent any damage-causing build-up in the winter.

Clean and Store Patio Furniture: Fall clean-up isn’t limited to yardwork. Clean off any outdoor furniture, and then get it ready for the cold weather by storing it away or covering it.