4 Tips To Turn A Backyard Shed Into A Luxurious Home Office

If you own a small business or work from home, you should consider setting up a backyard shed. A storage shed is the perfect structure for housing a home office that goes beyond the norm—you can work in a luxurious, customized space without breaking the bank. Here are our top tips on transforming your shed into a luxurious office:

1. Add Electrical & Internet

For most home offices, you’ll need electricity and internet to get started. Ask your local shed company if they offer electrical kits for their sheds or buy one online if they don’t. You can even get kits that run entirely on solar! For the internet, you will need a WiFi extender so that the connection reaches your shed—look for one that’s rated for outdoor use. If that’s not practical for you, you may be able to run a simple ethernet cable to the shed. Be sure to ask your shed company for help and don’t do any digging before calling the appropriate authorities.

2. Maintain A Pleasant Temperature

To get the most bang out of your buck, make sure that the shed is usable throughout the year. Opt for LP SmartSide siding and insulation. This will keep it cooler during summer and warmer during winter. You can also add curtains or blinds to block out heat during the summer months, as well as add a small space heater for when it’s cold (just be sure to follow all safety guidelines). Adding rugs and blankets can also help with insulation and have an added benefit of reducing sound travel.

3. Customize The Backyard Shed To Your Needs

One of the biggest benefits of a backyard shed is that it’s a blank canvas! Take some time to write down all of the issues with your current office—you’d prefer a taller desk; you wish there was more pen storage; you wish your desk was facing a window; and so on. Write down everything that bothers you about offices and then think of ways to change them. You can get an adjustable height desk kit for cheap, or make a simple custom desk with enough desktop space for all of your tasks. You can even mount tons of shelving on the walls to organize your items exactly as you want them.

4. Add A Touch Of Luxury

To really make the experience complete, make the space luxurious. Choose textures and materials that inspire you, add beautiful wall art and hang plants. Consider throws and rugs and pillows for your chairs or splurge on a lamp that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Since a shed is a small place, it’s easy to make a big impact through one or two luxury items while keeping the rest affordable.

closeup of woman working at her desk in a shed home office

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