4 Ways A Dog Kennel Protects Your Pet In Harrisonburg

It’s important to keep your dogs safe, and that’s why we always recommend Harrisonburg homeowners get a dog kennel. A kennel can be an important part of making sure your pet is comfortable and safe when outside of the house. Read on for 4 important ways that a kennel can help with that.

1 A Dog Kennel Keeps Your Pet Away From Hazards

If you’re not there to supervise your dog while they’re outside, they can easily get into danger. Small dogs are at risk from coyotes and other predators found in Harrisonburg, and even bigger dogs can get seriously injured from fights with other neighborhood dogs. Another potential danger that you might not think of is poisonous plants such as poison ivy, azaleas and foxgloves. Keeping your furry friend in a dog kennel gives you peace of mind that they’ll be protected.

2 Your Dog Will Stay Warm In A Kennel

Now that we’re into winter, it’s easy to see how your dog could get cold fast when kept outside. A kennel provides an enclosed space with surfaces that they can nestle up against. Even a regular kennel provides protection from the cold, but you can also get a model with insulated walls for further protection.

3 Kennels Provide Shelter From Harsh Weather

Kennels protect your pet for the rest of the year too! Under the roof and walls of the kennel, your dog will be protected from wind, rain and harsh summer rays. They can keep cool in the shade while still having plenty of fresh air circulating through. And with protection from the rain, sleet and snow, you know they’ll be clean when you let them out of the kennel later.

4 A Kennel Can Protect You From Potential Problems

If you have a particularly rambunctious dog, you probably know what it’s like to discover that he’s dug up the neighbor’s flower bush or chased a postal worker down the street. High-energy dogs are lots of fun when harnessing that energy for play, but out of your sight they can get into real trouble. Keeping your pet in an outdoor dog kennel will prevent the pup from getting you into a costly situation.

Valley Structures Is Your Source For An Insulated Dog Kennel In Harrisonburg

Ready to give your dog some more protection? Valley Structures has provided kennels, chicken coops and other animal enclosures to Harrisonburg homeowners for decades. If you’d like to see what kind of dog kennels we currently have in stock, get in touch!

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