Storage Sheds: Our Top 5 Unexpected Uses

Storage sheds aren’t just for holding your lawnmower; they can act as vessels for so many different ideas. From home gyms to home offices, music studios to workshops, the possibilities are endless! Here are 5 of our favorite uses for sheds:

1 Turn Your Shed Into The Ultimate Home Cinema

One of the more fun trends we’ve seen is people adding electrical and turning their sheds into home theaters. All you need is some comfy seating, a pull-down screen on one wall and a projector. If you’re really feeling ambitious you can even add a small refrigerator for cold drinks and a popcorn machine!

2 Storage Sheds Make Perfect Playhouses

This one is perfect for any family with young children. Add some soft rugs and panelling to the walls to keep them safe, then decorate in a theme that your child will love. You can add playsets and let them pretend it’s their own little house, or create tunnels decorated in a spaceship theme so their imagination can run wild. As a bonus, your child can redecorate the shed as they get older, letting it grow with them.

3 Get Cozy In Your Secluded Book Nook

Love diving into a novel but find yourself getting distracted around the house? Outfit your shed with lighting and a fan, add some plush rugs and a super comfy seat, and relax into your peaceful book space. You can easily install shelves to hold your books and extra comforts like a mini-refrigerator. This is a great idea for writers too!

4 Entertain With An Outdoor Kitchen

If you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard, consider using a shed as the base for an outdoor kitchen! You can easily add cabinets for storage and a countertop for food preparation, and a mini-fridge for storing drinks. You can even run a water line and install a sink (though you should consult with a professional to make sure it’s done safely). Plus, with all that extra storage space, you can keep your tools nearby for the outdoor grill.

5 Storage Sheds Offer The Perfect Space For A Studio

Sheds make great studios! You can get away from the distractions of the house and let your creative juices flow. If you’re the organized type, you can line the walls with hanging storage bins for all of your supplies. Or, if you’re the type whose process is a little more messy, you can create art without worry about where your paint will land.

closeup of a storage shed from Valley Structures

Valley Structures Is Your Source For Storage Sheds

No matter what kind of usage you have in mind, we have a pre-built shed that will be perfect for it. We even offer greenhouses, chicken coops, detached garages and animal enclosures if you want something a little less fanciful. If you’re ready to find out more about our storage sheds, get in touch.

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