Three Benefits Of Using A Greenhouse

Using a greenhouse opens up a world of possibilities for gardeners. They expand your growing season, protect your precious plants and create endless growth possibilities. Here are the three best benefits of using a greenhouse that make gardening more fun and efficient.

1. A Greenhouse Creates A Longer Growing Season

Like a recipe, plants need three ingredients to grow: moisture, warmth and light. Greenhouses are filled with natural light all day and retain heat and humidity well. The enclosed structure insulates and protects plants from drafts, creating a warmer environment than outside. By closely controlling the growing environment, you can start your growing season earlier in the spring and reap the benefits much longer into the fall. Whereas in traditional gardening, you are at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions and have to wait until the last frost to begin, shortening your growing season.

2. A Greenhouse Protects Your Plants

Greenhouses protect plants from adverse weather like late frosts, snow and high winds. With a greenhouse, you won’t need to cover your plants or bring any inside during a late frost warning. You can also control what goes in and out of your structure, and it’s easier to manage pests naturally. In outdoor environments, you often need to apply toxic chemicals to keep bunnies, deer, diseases or harmful bugs at bay. You don’t need to worry about that with a greenhouse. Plus, the greenhouse walls protect you as the gardener, allowing you to garden rain or shine.

3. A Greenhouse Allows You To Grow A Wider Variety Of Plants

Greenhouses help expand what you can grow too. The USDA’s Hardiness Zone recommendations tell you what plants you should grow depending on where you live. But with a greenhouse, you can create a different environment and grow plants that don’t grow naturally in your area. You can experiment with tropical fruits, flowers and plants and switch things up, creating endless opportunities.

exterior of blue greenhouse showing glass walls and ceiling

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