Seed Starters In A Greenhouse: The Best Way To Jumpstart Your Growing Season

One of the best things about owning a greenhouse is that it allows you to garden year-round. Many gardeners are eager to prepare for the outdoor growing season as soon as the first signs of spring arrive. Yet, the ground often won’t be ready for weeks or even months. Learn why planting seed starters in your greenhouse is the most effective way to start your growing season while you wait for the ground to thaw.

Planting Seeds In A Greenhouse Leads To Better Results

Using seed starters is a process of planting (or sowing) seeds in small pods and containers indoors or in a greenhouse before planting them in the ground. Using seed starters has become standard practice for two reasons. First, they let your seeds germinate and grow in a controlled environment, increasing their long-term chances of survival. Second, they extend your growing season and can increase your crop size because when you start the seeds inside, you add precious weeks on the front end. This lets them grow to be just the right size by the time they’re ready to be planted outside, optimizing their productivity.

Natural Sunlight Helps Seed Starters Do Better

Creating the right light conditions for seeds takes a lot of work to replicate inside your house. For example, if you place seedlings near a window, they only receive light from one side, and you need to rotate them often for them to grow evenly. Alternatively, you can purchase grow lights. Artificial grow lights can lead to plants growing too fast, too soon, and then they are too ‘leggy’ to be planted outside. On the other hand, a greenhouse provides natural light from all angles, with no rotating or electricity necessary.

Greenhouses Keep The Dirt Outside Where It Belongs

Another perk of using a greenhouse for your seed starters is it takes the mess and materials out of your house. If you start your seeds inside, you need to find space for them and purchase special racks and grow lights to help them succeed. Then, many plants will require you to transplant them a few times (move them into a bigger container) before you put them in the ground. This process requires tarps, pots, shovels and soil and creates a big mess to clean up each time. By starting your seeds inside a greenhouse, you don’t need to buy or find space for extra racks or lights in your house. Plus, your tools and the dirt stay outside where it belongs.

Interior of blue greenhouse, showcasing ceiling, windows and ventilation

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