How To Choose The Perfect Size Storage Shed For Your Harrisonburg Home.

If your Harrisonburg home is running out of space, a storage shed is the perfect solution. They look great and can store tons of items in one neat space. The question that homeowners have to ask themselves is: “which storage shed is the perfect size for my home?” As your trusted partners in sheds since 1983, we can help you make the right choice.

The Size Of Yard Limits The Size Of Storage Shed.

Every homeowner understands that it’s just not possible to fit a 12×12’ shed on a strip of yard that’s only 8×8’. What some homeowners may not realize is that the listed size of the shed is not the only dimension you have to take into account. For properties in Harrisonburg, a shed may need a foundation that is one foot larger than the shed on each side. If you feel like a shed would just barely fit at the listed dimensions, you may need to go one size down.

It’s also important to reserve some space for future upgrades that you may want to make to your storage shed. Many homeowners like to add small patios, awnings or seating in front of their sheds. If you anticipate storing a lawnmower, four-wheeler or other large equipment, you may also need space for a ramp. All of these things take up more space in your yard, so you’ll want to make sure that there’s room for all of these things to fit comfortably.

Think Ahead To Avoid Overfilling Your Shed.

Most of us have had this experience: you buy a new bookcase or shelving, thinking about how perfectly it will fit all of your items. Then by the time it’s in place and your items are organized, you realize that there’s no space to fit any new ones. This can also happen with a shed if you don’t anticipate your future needs! A shed of a certain size will fit everything you own now, but you may want to upgrade that mower, or get into gardening or take up different sports. You’ll be happier in the long run if you choose a storage shed with room to grow.

Consider The Ways You Plan To Use Your Shed.

For some owners, a shed is simply a place where they’ll put a lawnmower and a few tools. For others, it’s an opportunity to create a space where they can work on hobbies, exercise or even just relax. Before making a decision on a certain size, spend some time investigating how much space these things take up. If you’re planning to work on hobbies in a she shed, you may only need enough space for a nice workbench and a wall to hang small items. If you want a storage shed gym, measure your current equipment and the mats you plan on using. You can even cut up graph paper to represent different items and plan how much space you need to store them.

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Valley Structures Has The Perfect Size Storage Shed For You.

Harrisonburg homeowners have chosen us for their shed needs since 1983. If you know you need extra storage, but aren’t sure what size would be best, we’re happy to help. Just get in touch, tell us how you plan to use the storage shed, and we’ll get you on track.

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