How to Make Your Structure Pet Friendly


Your backyard provides you and your family respite—and chances are your family includes a furry friend or two.

If your property includes outdoor structures, such as sheds, gazebos, or playhouses, have you thought about making those pet-friendly? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Add a pet door to structures to allow dogs or outdoor cats to go inside (where appropriate, of course).
  • Attach food or water bowls to the outside wall of structures to provide a permanent place for feeding time outside.
  • Add insulation and/or pet-safe flooring to structures if you’re planning for them to double as a place for your pets to seek shelter.
  • Don’t just think about lawn chairs for people! Add a pet bed or play structure or two inside your gazebo so your cats and dogs have a place to lounge with you. You could do the same for inside sheds, workshops and playhouses.
  • Hardscape the edges of your structure with rocks to prevent digging along the edges of the foundation. This also adds a nice aesthetic element!

Of course, outdoor structures may be made specifically FOR pets too—we offer a variety of dog houses and kennels.