New Year’s Resolutions: Top 10 Tips for Owning a Storage Structure

New Year’s Resolutions: Top 10 Tips for Owning a Storage Structure

As a new year begins, often we try to implement new and better habits. That can be applied to many areas of our life, including how we care for our property. In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips about outdoor structure ownership. 

Choose a good location. Find level ground for your shed. This is literally the foundation of proper maintenance. 
Paint your unfinished wooden shed. It’s a best practice to paint your shed within 60 days if installation. This protective covering helps your shed last longer. 
Lubricate your handles. Be sure your knobs and handles are in working order by lubricating them from time to time. 
Watch vegetation. Keep the area around your outdoor storage structure trimmed. This does many things, including keeping critters away. 
Properly ventilate your shed. No matter what type of structure you have – wood or metal – proper air circulation is important. 
Winterize your shed. The cold weather and other elements that come along with winter can wreak havoc on your shed. Be sure it’s ready for the cold and wet season. 
Keep your shed clean and organized. Over time, the items you store will seemingly multiply. As your shed fills up, you may need to install shelves, peg boards, hooks, and other organizational elements. A clean and organized shed is safer and easier to manage. 
Check for rot. Over time, moisture can damage your wooden storage structure. Look for rotted parts and replace or repair. 
Check for leaks. Moisture inside a shed is not good. Check your roof and other areas for leaks and fix immediately—before they spread. 
Repaint your shed. Going along with our earlier tip, we suggested repainting your shed every three to four years. Depending on where you live, this could be needed more often. 


It’s important to protect your investment in outdoor storage structures – as well as to continue to protect everything inside of it. 


Happy New Year!