How To Power A Storage Shed With Solar Panels

If your storage shed needs power, one option is to run it off of the main power from your house. But if you want it to be self-sufficient, or if the shed is far from your house, a great option is solar power. It’s not as expensive or as difficult as you might think! As your local storage shed company in Richmond, we’ve put together a guide to getting started:

A Solar Kit Is The Right Way To Power Your Shed

The best way to get started with solar is to look into a solar kit. These are premade packages that contain everything you’ll need—no hassle or heavy-duty research needed. Most solar kits come with one or two solar panels, a charge controller, cables and brackets—batteries and inverters are sold separately, depending on your needs.

Which Size Solar Kit Is Best For A Storage Shed?

Most kits are categorized by their wattage. This will depend on your exact needs, but a 200W kit should be sufficient for most shed usage. This will allow you to set up LED lights, a spotlight, a fan, and even small appliances like a mini refrigerator or TV. A 100Ah battery and inverter should be sufficient to store electricity for these uses.

How To Install Skylights On A Shed

Whichever solar kit you get, it will come with explicit instructions and details on how to put your kit together. The hardware to mount the panels should be included in the kit and you simply mount the panels to the roof of your storage shed following the manufacturer’s instructions. With that done all you have to do is route the cables through, connect them appropriately and enjoy the electricity. All said, installation usually takes people about two hours.

Is It Worth Putting Solar Panels On A Shed?

The short answer is yes, as long as you know what to expect. A system that can handle power tools or several appliances will quickly get into the thousands because of the additional panels and batteries required. However, if your goal is to power some lighting and small uses like charging your phone or powering a TV, a solar kit can power your shed for a few hundred dollars.

closeup of a homeowner carrying a solar panel for use on a storage shed

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