How To Replace Siding On A Shed

What do you do when your backyard shed starts to look a little worse for wear? A great way to revitalize your storage building is to replace the siding. Depending on your DIY skills, it may be a job that you can tackle yourself in a weekend! Read on for our tips to replacing siding yourself.

1 Which Siding Should You Use For A Shed?

Most of our sheds use LP SmartSide siding because it’s attractive, durable, resistant and is easily cut with normal tools. Something like cement siding, for example, requires specialized saw blades and heavy duty materials to support its weight. Alternatively, some sheds use T1-11—a type of plywood that is easily found at hardware supply stores.

2 Prepare For Siding Replacement

The first step to replacing the siding is to access the old siding. Do this by removing any trim around windows, doors, corners and so on. Gently pry the trim from the storage building using a pry bar and then set it aside—as long as you don’t damage the trim, you can use it later after the new siding has been installed.

3 Remove The Old Siding

With the trim removed, it’s time to focus on the old siding. You can use the same pry bar from before the lift away each plank of old siding. If the plants are screwed into place rather than nailed, you’ll want to use a screwdriver instead to avoid damaging the underlying skeleton of the storage building.

4 Install The New Shed Siding

Next you’ll likely need to cut the planks of your siding material to size. If you’re using something like T1-11, you can base the measurements on the old planks and cut the new ones to size. If you’re using LP SmartSide or something similar, you only need to worry about length. After cutting the planks to the correct sizes, simply attach them using nails or screws and then attach the old trim back over them.

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Valley Structures Has A New Shed With Beautiful Siding

Is your storage building beyond repair or would you prefer to leave the siding work to professionals? As your local shed company in Virginia, Valley Structures is happy to help. We offer sheds, animal enclosures, storage buildings and more, in all kinds of sizes and configurations. We would be happy to give you a new shed with beautiful LP SmartSiding. Contact us to learn more about our shed options.

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