Your Greenhouse Guide From Valley Structures.

Spring is our favorite time of the year. Starting seeds in our greenhouse and planting flowers and vegetables lifts the spirits – especially during these unusual times. Here’s the beginner’s guide to setting up your personal greenhouse:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Location. Look for a level area with good sun exposure where you can hook-up electric and water.
  • Step 2: Figure Orientation: Your chosen location should get about 6 hours a day of full sun. Position your greenhouse east to west so that the long side with windows gets southern sun exposure.
  • Step 3: Stock Up On Supplies: Ensure you have all the tools and supplies to start seeds and repot plants conveniently. Here’s what we recommend you include:
    • Trays & Inserts: Pick-up several packs of these black trays and small pots to start seeds for easy transfer to garden beds or larger pots.
    • Soil: Purchase high-quality soil designated for your location. Certain soils do better in raised beds versus in the ground.
    • Plant Labels: Either purchase ready-made labels or save popsicle sticks to mark the type of flower or vegetable and the date it was planted.
    • Small Shovel: You’ll need a small shovel to transfer soil.
    • Watering Cans: You don’t need a huge watering can for your greenhouse. Pick something that doesn’t rust and has a narrow spout for watering smaller plants.
    • Seeds: Pick out an assortment of seeds and start up to six small pots of each type of plant. Some plants may not germinate so you want to ensure you have enough to transfer to your garden beds.
    • Grow Lights (optional): You may want to invest in some LED grow lights to use in early spring when the sun isn’t quite as high.
    • Heated Mats (optional): During cooler springs a heated mat helps seeds germinate.

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