Expert Shed Moving For Existing Structures

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of your shed! If you need a building moved we are here to help. Our expert team can move your existing shed or out building (provided it is structurally sound) from one location to another. Move pricing is based on the size of the building and how far it needs to be moved. The first hour is always charged and is not prorated. Mileage starts at our office, continues to where the building is presently located and ends at the new destination. The building must be empty in order for us to move it. A contract and $50 deposit (cash or check) is required to move your building.

Moving Rates: Lynchburg Prices

• 8′ Wide—$100.00 per Hour + $2 per Mile
+ $2 per Mile • 10′ Wide—$125.00 per Hour
+ $2 per Mile • 12′ Wide—$160.00 per Hour
+ $2 per Mile • 14′ Wide—$220.00 per Hour

*Double Escort is required on 14′ Wides, $100.00

Are you ready to schedule your shed move?