5 Organization Tips For Your Outdoor Garage

If your outdoor garage is starting to feel like an avalanche every time you open the door, we have some organization tips to help. These are our 5 top tips and hopefully you can get your garage clean and functional again in no time.

1 Line The Walls With Bins

If you use your storage structure for hobbies that require lots of small parts, bins are a smart way to keep them organized without much fuss. Choose bins in an appropriate size for your parts and screw them into the wall in neat orderly rows. You can even label them or color coordinate them to make finding the right part easier.

2 Make Storage With Old Cabinets

A smart way to get extra storage is to use old cabinets. Perhaps you’re remodeling your kitchen; if not, you may even have a construction supply store nearby with discounted items from completed projects. Install them on the floor, paint them in a color of your choosing, and add a tabletop and you have extra storage and space to work.

3 Remove Old Items From Your Outdoor Garage

As painful as it is, getting rid of clutter is one of the most important steps toward organizing the space. If you’re someone who holds onto everything, try to think about the last time you used a particular item. If it’s been years and you can’t remember why you have it, it’s time to throw it away or donate it.

4 Build A Garage Loft

Lofts are a great solution for getting more storage space. You can build one yourself or even buy a storage shed with one already installed. These allow you to store seasonal items up high, taking advantage of every ounce of space.

5 Create Specialized Shelving

It’s relatively simple to build shelving for the walls of your backyard garage, especially because it doesn’t have to look as nice as if it were inside your home. You can build a set of functional shelves extending all the way across one wall. Or you can get more creative and customize them for your specific needs. For example, build slots into the shelves so you can easily hang shovels from them, or space them at exact heights to maximize space.

Examples of hanging tools in a outdoor garage

Valley Structures Is Your Local Source For An Outdoor Garage

Here at Valley Structures, we offer all kinds of storage buildings. From small to large, simple or decked out with lofts and built-in shelving―we have something for you. If you’re interested in a new outdoor garage with heaps of storage, get in touch.