DIY Shed Kit or Prefab? Which Shed is the Best?

A shed kit is a suitable option if you want a storage structure in your Harrisonburg backyard without breaking the bank. However, kits come with several disadvantages to consider before buying. In this blog, we explain what to expect when you buy a shed kit vs. a prefab shed.

What Is A Shed Kit?

A shed kit is a package that contains all the materials needed to build a shed. It typically includes pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber, hardware, roofing materials and instructions for assembly. You can easily buy one at a big box store like Lowe’s, Home Depot or Costco.

Shed Kits Are Challenging & Time-Consuming.

Shed kits offer a sense of accomplishment for the DIY enthusiast but require a sizeable amount of time and effort. Constructing a shed from a kit means you’ll need to dedicate a chunk of your evenings and weekends for weeks. It could be a fun adventure if you have plenty of space in your schedule, but if you already struggle to find time to get meals on the table and the lawn mowed, this might be more headache than it’s worth. The learning curve can be steep and frustrating as you navigate components and instructions—while weathering the elements.

Person building DIY shed kit in backyard.

The Hidden Costs of Shed Kits Add Up.

Most kits advertise they come with all the necessary materials for assembly. While this sounds convenient, the fine print can be quite different. Expect additional costs for paint, flashing, shingles and roofing labor. Many people don’t realize when roofing is listed as a material that it doesn’t include the actual waterproofing, shingle materials or installation.

It’s also common to find warped, missing or incorrectly cut lumber pieces in kits, which leads to additional expenses and trips to the store. You should also account for the investment in tools, equipment and training needed to complete the project if you’re a beginner. These factors add significant time and money to this DIY project.

Kits Include Low-Quality Materials, Leading To A Shorter Lifespan.

You buy a kit to save money in the short term but will get what you pay for in the long run. Big manufacturers achieve low prices by using the cheapest materials with poor warranties. If you’re lucky, most shed kits will only last between 5 and 10 years. If you want to build it yourself, you’d be better off buying quality materials to avoid their markup.

What Is A Prefab Shed?

A prefab (prefabricated) shed is made beforehand and delivered right to your doorstep. They are custom-made structures made by experts that you can buy from a sales lot or online. Prefab structures come in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes and styles and can be customized to your specific needs. You can even add insulation, windows and other upgrades to make your shed more comfortable and functional.

10x20x8 Cottage Shed 3901-H

Invest In Quality & Experience With A Prefabricated Shed.

In contrast, prefab sheds use quality materials like LP® SmartSiding®, LP® TechShied® Radiant Barriers or Royal Vinyl siding, and the materials themselves come with 20-year, 50-year or even lifetime warranties on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. Prefab sheds are also built by skilled craftsmen with years of experience under controlled conditions, ensuring sturdy and weather-resistant construction. When you choose prefab, you won’t have to worry about weak joints, water leaks or flimsy walls.

Prefab Sheds Save Time & Provide Peace of Mind.

With a prefab shed, you only need to prepare a spot in your yard, and the rest is taken care of. No construction headaches, no measuring mishaps and no wasted weekends. Plus, your shed will last longer and is less likely to have structural defects. It’s the ultimate choice for those who value their time but still want a quality outdoor space.

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