The Secrets To A Sturdy Shed: Why Weight Capacity Matters

A shed can be a great addition to your backyard and provide much-needed storage for lawn equipment, tool benches, motorcycles and more. When storing heavy-duty equipment, choosing a shed with the proper weight capacity is important. If you put a tractor in a shed not rated to hold its weight, the flooring may sag as the structural integrity weakens.

To keep your valuable items safe and to maintain the overall value of your investment, consider the shed’s weight limit, foundation needs, and type of flooring.

The Average Shed Can Hold 20 Lbs Per Square Foot.

As an example, a 10×12 shed can hold up to 2,400 lbs. A 42″ riding lawn mower weighs over 500 lbs, while a fully stocked workbench can weigh 800 lbs or more. Add a 900 lb Harley Davidson, and you’re at 2,200 lbs without adding storage bins or accounting for the owner’s weight.

At Valley Structures, our buildings boast a capacity of 40 lbs per square foot. Bonus tip: Distributing weight evenly within the structure is essential to minimize the risk of sagging or long-term wear and tear on the floor.

Heavy-Duty Sheds Need A Stable & Level Foundation.

When it comes to foundations, you’ve got two options. Concrete is better for handling heavy loads due to its strength and durability, especially for larger sheds or those intended to hold substantial weight.

Gravel foundations provide better drainage, thus reducing the risk of water buildup around and under the shed. This feature can be particularly beneficial in areas prone to heavy rainfall.

While we offer three different flooring types, we wholeheartedly recommend our PerforMax flooring for heavy-duty sheds.

Sometimes, A Custom Shed Is The Answer.

Custom sheds allow you to plan appropriately for your current and future storage needs. Valley Structures hires certified engineers to draw our blueprints and ensure full compliance with building regulations. Each shed design considers the weight capacity required for storing items like tractors, cars, or trucks. All studs are 16″ on center, which means you can hang tools where you want without fear of them falling.

Our personalized approach means we collaborate closely with each customer to assess their specific needs, considering factors such as size and functionality.

Valley Structures Builds Durable Sheds In Lynchburg & Beyond.

Valley Structures is proud to design and build our products in Virginia. Each shed is hand-crafted at our facility in Dayton, using superior building materials and top-notch construction. Our skilled team stays current on design trends, smart building practices and innovative products that add value to your building. Stop by our lot in Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester or Richmond to check out our shed options and meet with a member of the Valley Structures team. Contact us today!

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