How Long Do Sheds Last?

“How long do your sheds last?” is a great question to ask. You’re making a significant investment and want to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. Ultimately, the saying “You get what you pay for” is the short answer and here’s why.

Shed Materials Affect The Lifespan The Most

Buying a shed starts with choosing the exterior material; metal, plastic (vinyl) or wood. Each material has pros and cons, and the prices vary. But if the lifespan is the most important factor, a high-quality vinyl shed typically lasts longer than one made of wood and metal.

Quality Materials Come With Better Warranties

The quality of the materials used for your shed’s roof, siding and flooring affects its lifespan. Shed kits from retail warehouse stores often include the cheapest materials and come with no guarantees, significantly reducing costs. When you use quality materials like LP® SmartSiding®, LP® TechShied® Radiant Barriers or Royal Vinyl siding, as we do at Valley Structures, the materials themselves come with 20, 50 or even lifetime warranties.

Extend Your Shed’s Life With These Tips

Regardless of the shed you’ve chosen and its materials, these three tips will keep it in better condition for longer.

  1. Put In On A Solid Foundation. Pick the best pad material (wood, gravel or concrete) for your shed. Then anchor it properly to avoid damage from improper drainage or unstable ground.
  2. Protect It From The Elements. Pick a location protected from the sun, wind and big trees to reduce everyday wear and tear from the elements.
  3. Maintain Your Shed With Pride. Maintaining your shed may mean painting, sealing or cleaning it regularly. Once you see a problem like peeling paint or a water spot, address it.

Valley Structures’ sheds are built with quality materials, including LP® TechShied® Radiant Barrier shown here.

interior of cottage shed lined with quality products

A Dependable Warranty Backs All Valley Structures Sheds

All Valley Structures sheds come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our skilled team builds each shed at our facility in Dayton, Virginia using superior building materials. Stop by one of our lots in Harrisonburg, Winchester, Lynchburg or Richmond to check out your options for built-to-last sheds.

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