Modern DIY Ideas To Personalize Sheds In Lynchburg

More and more homeowners in Lynchburg are buying sheds these days. Modern shed installers can set them up very quickly, and they’re available in almost any combination of styles that a person may want. Still, some homeowners prefer that super custom look. If you’re among them, read on for our DIY tips to personalize your shed.

Sheds Are Defined By Their Entryways.

Simply sprucing up the entryway can make sheds look drastically different! Install a hook in the door and add an oversized wreath made of natural plants to give it a rustic look. (If you’re not much of a crafter, most big box stores have beautiful wreaths these days.) Splurge on new hardware for the door or go thrifting for some quirky vintage handles. If your storage shed has transom doors, try adding window film for an eclectic look. All of these are jobs that most DIY’ers can tackle, and they make a huge difference.

Siding Can Be Transformed In A Weekend.

One DIY solution that some Lynchburg homeowners turn to for their sheds is grabbing a few buckets of paint and putting in some elbow grease. And for good reason–painting sheds is a foolproof way to completely change the look of them!

If you’re considering painting your shed, first check whether or not it can be painted. Some siding materials are more resistant to paint, while wood siding (or LP SmartSide siding) will happily take a coat of paint. If you’re not sure, you can get a paint sample from your local hardware store and test a small area in the back of the shed.

After you’ve determined that your shed can accept paint, put some extra consideration into the color you’re going to choose. It’s tempting to make the shed match the color of your house, but colors on the opposite side of the color wheel can look just as nice. Storage sheds can also look great in modern hues: a bright coral looks amazing next to the deep greens of plant life.

For the more ambitious DIY aficionado, siding for sheds can also be spruced up with reclaimed wood. If you’re able to find a local source and have the tools and know-how to cut down some planks, you can attach the wood to your shed for a striking, rustic look.

A Shed Is Perfect For Eclectic Styles.

There are no rules with sheds! Instead of tools, fill your shed with small pieces of furniture and inspiring textiles. Bring in that comfy old chair that doesn’t match the rest of the furniture in your house, or source some vintage tables from a local thrift store. Deck it out with a unique rug and add statement curtains to the walls. Or, if you’re handy with power tools, build your own storage bench with funky cushions. If you like that worldly, lived-in look, the sky’s the limit!

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