5 Ways To Upgrade Your Harrisonburg Storage Building

We’ve collected five fun ways to upgrade your Harrisonburg storage building! Each of these projects is relatively easy and can completely transform how you use your storage shed.

1 A Coat Of Paint Makes Your Storage Building Feel Brand New

The first project on our list is the time-tested coat of paint. Paint is a quick and cost-effective way to completely change the look of your building. Just make sure to choose a paint that’s suitable for the outdoors, such as acrylic-latex. Rich blues and greens are a pleasing choice for sheds, but bright pastels are also great if you want something more striking. For the trim, choose a similar color for a cohesive look or a bright white to stand out.

2 Flower Boxes Liven Up Your Shed

Nothing livens up a space like plant life! Consider adding flower boxes or planters along your storage shed’s windows to make the building feel more alive. You can buy pre-built flower boxes that are easy to install, or even build your own if you’re handy! Install the flower boxes just below the windowsills and fill them with your favorite plants. Small flowers with bright blooms are a great choice, or hanging ivy for a more rustic look.

3 Your Storage Building Feels Complete With Window Shutters

Window shutters are a small detail that really bring the design together. You can buy premade shutters at any home improvement store, or even fashion rustic ones out of reclaimed wood. After attaching the shutters to your storage shed, you’ll need to decide whether or not they should be painted. Plain, raw wood gives a lived-in look while painted shutters make the building feel polished. Homeowners typically choose to match their shutters to the rest of the trim to make things feel cohesive.

4 Add Storage To Make The Space Functional

Another easy win is to increase the functionality of your backyard shed by adding a rack system or installing hooks. This will allow you to store items on the walls, freeing up space on the floor and making your items more organized. This is an especially good upgrade if you intend to use the space for crafts or hobbies.

5 A New Floor Opens Your Storage Building To New Possibilities

A more advanced way of upgrading your shed is to upgrade the flooring. Many people fail to think about their shed’s flooring but it’s an important factor in what you can do with the space. With new, reinforced flooring you can store your ATV or other heavy-duty equipment without fear of damaging the storage shed. You can also add a tread plate to protect the opening of the shed, or even hardwood flooring to make it the perfect she shed or man cave.

Valley Structures Offers Quality Storage Buildings In Harrisonburg

If your shed is too small or old to make these upgrades worthwhile, we’d be happy to set you up with a brand new one. Customers throughout Harrisonburg and Virginia trust us to sell durable and beautiful storage buildings that are perfect for any use.

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