Why A Storage Shed Is The Perfect Home Gym.

Lynchburg homeowners: consider using your storage shed as a home gym! Sheds are surprisingly well-suited to serve as an exercise space. So don’t buy that membership yet–read on to find out why a shed home gym is the better option.

With A Gym In Your Storage Shed, You Can Work Out Anytime.

When the gym is in your backyard, you don’t have to worry about waking up early to drive to the gym or waiting for the staff to unlock the doors. If you suddenly have some moments of free time, or if you’re on your lunch break while working from home, you can get in a quick 15 minute workout with no hassle. The backyard gym is available 24/7 with only a 30 second walk from your back door. If you’re someone who likes sticking to a strict schedule, you know that your gym will be ready for you the second you’re scheduled to work out. And if you’re a night owl, you can even add lighting and workout while everyone else is asleep!

A Shed Gym Frees Up Space Inside.

Exercise equipment is notorious for taking up space in homes. A single stationary bike can easily take up half of the space in a living room and eats up square footage that would be much more useful with a loveseat or chair. You may even find family members hanging clothes from it because there’s no other space to do so! Let your living room be for living: rather than letting exercise equipment push you out of your home, move it to your storage shed!

Home Gyms Avoid The Hassles Of Public Spaces.

When you get a membership to a public gym, there are so many hassles that you have to deal with. Recurring fees, getting the runaround when trying to cancel, having to wait to use the specific piece of equipment that you want, trying to time your visits to avoid crowds, dealing with the New Year rush―the list goes on and on. With a storage shed or detached garage, you get to choose exactly the equipment you want, use it exactly when you want, and you don’t have to deal with anyone else.

Storage Shed Gyms Are More Sanitary.

Sanitation is a huge concern these days. The public gym may have rules in place for wiping down and sanitizing machines, but is that really happening? You may see the staff spraying equipment, but germs and viruses are notoriously hard to kill. Do you trust that the equipment is as clean as they say it is? With your own gym, you know the answer to all of these questions. If sanitation is important to you, there’s no person you can trust more than yourself. And even if you’re fine with germs, at least you know they’re your germs!

Woman doing yoga on storage shed floor

Upgrade Your Yard With A Storage Shed Gym.

Valley Structures is the trusted shed company in Lynchburg. If you’re interested in a home gym, we will advise you on the perfect size, model and optional upgrades. Contact us today for the perfect storage shed gym!

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