The Best Ways To Decorate A Gazebo

A gazebo is a gorgeous space to gather for events or family fun, but they can be challenging to decorate. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways to decorate into this handy list. As the trusted supplier of gazebos in Richmond, we know which ideas will make your gazebo beautiful and which ones should be avoided.

Edison Bulbs & String Lights Are A Trendy And Low Cost Way To Light Up A Space

A trend that we really love from the past few years is the rise in popularity of string lights and edison bulbs. You can get beautiful outdoor string lights from almost any major retailer for a relatively cheap price these days. You can choose any style that you like as long as it’s rated for outdoor use, and then you simply have to hang the lights from your gazebo. You can hang them straight down the columns or even drape them underneath the ceiling to create a warm space to congregate at night.

Add Decorative Curtains For A Touch Of Elegance

One of the most time-tested ways to decorate a gazebo is with decorative curtains. The possibilities for colors, patterns and draping styles are limitless. The only thing you have to watch out for is your choice of fabric. The best curtains for outdoor use are made with Olefin (polypropylene): it resists sun damage, dries quickly, prevents mildew and is easily dyed. Polyester is a beautiful and affordable option, but comes at the cost of lower durability. Fabrics to avoid include cotton or any other fabric that retains moisture.

Climbing Vines Add A Romantic & Rustic Charm That Can’t Be Beat

For an even more romantic feel, add flowering vines to your gazebo. There are innumerable options, but one great plant for Richmond homeowners is Clematis montana, a sturdy vine with bountiful white blossoms. Another great choice native to Virginia is wisteria, which typically blooms into a beautiful lavender color. Either of these will grow quickly with relatively little effort. One species to avoid is Russian vine; although it’s said to grow “a mile a minute,” it can easily take over your yard.

gazebo with string lights

Trust Valley Structures For A Gazebo Or Storage Shed In Richmond

The great thing about gazebos and sheds is that you can try all kinds of ideas without breaking the bank or harming the structure—so experiment! We hope that these tips have given you some design inspiration. And if you don’t yet have a shed or gazebo, feel free to contact us for a free quote.