Smart & Fun Recommendations From Your Shed Solution Experts.

Are you thinking about investing in an outdoor storage shed? We may be biased, but we think a shed is an effective tool in keeping your home and property organized and clean. You’d be amazed at the many ways you can take advantage of your storage shed. Here are the top 5 uses for your outdoor building (we bet some will be surprising).

  • Store Lawn Equipment: Storing your lawnmower, weed wacker, and other outdoor equipment in a water-tight shed protects your high-powered tools from damage.
  • Start Seeds: Create your very own greenhouse with a Valley Structures shed. Fully operational windows allow light to penetrate and thick, reinforced walls protect your plants from low temperatures.
  • Play House: Outfit your shed with rugs and small furniture for kids to play house or for teens to hang out with some, but not too much, privacy.
  • Tend Bar: Create your own bar ideal for outdoor entertaining and lawn parties with friends and family. Integrated electricity makes lighting and refrigeration possible so it can work all hours of the night.
  • Work At Home: Need a home office, but don’t have space inside your home? Create a comfortable office with painted walls, integrated electric, and bright windows. Add a space heater to keep it comfy cozy.

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You can depend on a shed built by Valley Structures. We’ve been designing and building high-quality sheds, gazebos, pet structures, and garages for homeowners and businesses in Virginia since 1983. Our significant experience means we know what you need to protect your tools, equipment, and improve your lifestyle. Visit one of our four locations in Harrisonburg, Richmond, Winchester, and Lynchburg to see your options in person or shop online! Contact us today to discuss your shed options with a member of our experienced team.

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