Transformations: Backyard Office

Office Shed

This month, we’re dedicating our blog posts to a few of the many ways you can transform your outdoor structure from an empty shell usually meant for storage into something practical. In the first of this three-part series, we’ll look at how you can turn your storage shed into a backyard office.

Today, many people work from home, whether they’re a solopreneur or a remote employee for another company. Sometimes, though, finding space in an already-full house can be a challenge. Or, if there is indeed a space available, sometimes it’s not a quiet or out of the way as you’d like.

Enter the storage shed. If you have the land available for one, ready-made outdoor structures provide a fantastic shell in which to make a home office. Start by replacing or adding new doors and windows. You’ll need to install insulation and a wall covering, like drywall or paneling, and flooring. Add some trim work, paint to your liking, decorate, furnish, and your interior is set.

One of the most important considerations for turning a shed into an office would be power and connectivity. You’ll most likely need to be connect to the Internet by line or wi-fi, and, in some cases, you’ll want to also have access to a landline phone depending on your communication needs. Power outlets are important—try to think ahead of how many you might need: computer, printer, chargers, lighting, air conditioner/fan, etc. And you want to make sure you’re comfortable in whatever the whether – heat and cooling is important.

Here’s an example of an IBM employee who turned a 10×12 shed into a backyard office – complete with a little bit of humor.