A Two-Story Shed Provides Plenty Of Onsite Storage.

A two-story shed or one with an attic is ideal for homeowners needing ample space to store different types of things. For example, many customers keep lawn equipment and tools in the space below and decorations and old clothing in the attic above. The attic buildings comes in barn and cottage style

Two-Story Shed

Our sheds with attics are hugely popular for their practical storage uses. Whether you choose the cottage style shed or a traditional barn, an attic addition takes advantage of extra height without sacrificing actual storage space. Popular options include adding a small door or opening to the top of your attic space.

12×24 Full Attic Cottage

Convenient Shopping Options For Busy Customers.

We showcase our inventory online and invite customers to visit one of our four locations in Virginia. Our qualified team can walk you through your options and recommend appropriate solutions for your storage needs. We offer professional delivery that won’t harm your property and set your small shed where you want it. Give us a call to learn more!

Custom Solutions Elevate Your Storage Shed.

We’re able to build affordable buildings by sticking with traditional designs that work. That being said, we can customize most of our buildings to suit your unique needs. Whether we’re adding an attic, window, or additional shelving, we seamlessly integrate additional features to meet your needs. Ready to learn more? Contact our team.

Take Advantage Of Our Financing & 5-Year Warranty!

We think that most property owners could use some extra storage, which is why we offer financing for your purchase. Sign-up at one of our locations. Along with a 5-year warranty, our finance options protect your investment for long-lasting enjoyment of your storage building. Ready for a two-story shed?

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