Want to learn a little bit more about our values as a company? Watch our new brand video! We put this together to really explain why we do what we do and what sets us apart. We hope that it captures our goal to provide beautiful sheds and storage buildings that meet your family’s unique needs. Watch it now or read the provided transcript below.

Chrissy: I feel like I’m making so many memories in this greenhouse. Growing up I remember working in the garden with my mom all the time, and now I have a space where my kids can work with me.

Ryan: At Valley Structures we sell sheds, garages, gazebos, running shelters and many other structures. We listen to our customers to help them determine what they need in a shed and walk them through the process step by step so they understand what to expect ’cause we have a lot of features. We can add high quality options, windows, doors, shelves, lofts. A lot of those guys at the shop have been there for years and years. They know exactly what they’re doing and we stand behind our craftsmanship with a five year guarantee. So you can be sure you’re making an investment in a shed that’s gonna last and that will stand behind.

David: When you walk through the door of Valley Structures you can always know that you’re gonna have a good experience. I’ve dealt with Valley Structures since back in the early 90s. The craftsmanship that they give and the workmanship that they provide is far above anything that you can expect. I recommend Valley Structures to all of our friends. If I hear of anyone who needs a building we recommend them to Valley Structures.

Chrissy: I appreciated so many things working with Valley Structure. They did not make me feel pressured to get anything but they answered every question that I had. Very straightforward. I knew exactly what I was getting and I knew exactly how much it would cost. I custom ordered everything down to the window boxes and they made it happen. It came out quality, beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

Ryan: Encourage people just to come in and look around, and just start there. The ultimate goal was for the customer to walk away feeling like they were treated like family and they were listened to, they were heard and they’re gonna get a shed that’s gonna last them for years down the road.