3 Ideas To Give Your Backyard Shed A Country Makeover.

Many Harrisonburg homeowners these days are giving their backyard shed a country makeover. In contrast to more modern styling, the country theme feels lived-in, authentic, warm and friendly. And the great thing is that it can be easy to achieve! These are three of our favorite tips for giving your storage shed a country makeover.

1 Make Your Backyard Shed Stand Out With Unique Siding

As mentioned in our DIY tips to personalize your shed, changing the siding is always an easy win. Invest in a few buckets of paint, put in a weekend of work, and you have a backyard shed that looks completely different! For the country look in particular, it’s all about appearing as if you’ve used what you had on hand. Don’t choose a boring beige: instead go for a bright robin’s egg blue, mint green, or coral. A bright red with contrasting white or black trim is also a great look that fits within the country theme.

An alternative to painting the outside is to bolster it with reclaimed wood. Replacing trim, planters and shelving with unfinished or reclaimed wood gives a wisened, lived-in look. A similar idea is to add a wooden lattice with climbing plants or hanging storage for small objects that are weather-resistant. A backyard shed in this style should look and be functional, so don’t be afraid to make the outside walls just as useful as the inside!

2 Mix And Match For An Eclectic Shed

One of our favorite things about the country style is that it’s meant to look like you’ve acquired different pieces over the years. If you want a small outdoor table and chair in front of your shed, you can get affordable pieces at thrift shops instead of buying one expensive matching set from a big box store. And if they’re too dissimilar for your taste, a coat of white paint or matching cushions can bring them back together.

Inside the backyard shed, mix and match patterns and textures. Paint the walls white and add empty picture frames of different sizes and shapes, or hang shadow boxes filled with various trinkets. If you’re using the space as a relaxing [she shed], bring in a large comfy chair, upholster it with a charming busy pattern, and add a big quilt on top.

3 A Bounty Of Plants Gives Your Shed A Country Feel.

One facet of the country style that you shouldn’t overlook is “country!” Your country backyard shed should feel harmonious with the land around it, so go lush and over-the-top with plants! Throughout the interior, place potted plants wherever they’ll fit, even on top of cabinets or hanging from the ceiling. On the outside, plant flowers along the walkway leading to your shed, add a few huge potted plants as accents in the front, and grow small flowers in planters under the windows. You can stage potted plants at different heights to create visual interest, or even add lattice with climbing plants to one of the walls. Just be sure to do a little research to find robust plants that will stand up to your local climate without much maintenance.

Red shed with wheelbarrow in front

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