3 Reasons Why A Prefab Shed Makes The Best Home Office

One of our favorite tips is to use a prefab shed as extra space when your house is feeling too cramped. And with so many people working from home these days, converting a shed into an office just makes sense! Here are the top reasons why:

1 A Backyard Shed Office Keeps You Away From Distractions

Many people prefer working from home because it’s convenient and gives you more time with loved ones. Both of these factors can become distracting, however—if you’re someone who’s easily distracted, knowing that the living room and kitchen are so close by can be a recipe for disaster. Or if you’re someone with pets or children, you may find your attention being pulled away several times an hour.

When you separate your work from your living space, it’s much easier to stay focused and on task. A backyard office is the best solution because it physically keeps you away from the distractions of the home, but close enough that you can run inside if you need something. You’ll find yourself entering your flow state more easily and working on tasks more efficiently.

2 Using A Prefab Shed For Your Office Frees Space In The Home

It’s a luxury these days to own a home with built-in office space, and many people who have that kind of space would rather use it for something else. If you have two children, you’d likely prefer that one of them occupy the office instead of them having to share a room. Or if you don’t have an office space, you might be tempted to work out of the living room or kitchen, but that takes up so much space and your desk will inevitably become covered by day to day items.

A backyard office solves these problems. You get to use your living room and kitchen as they were intended and use the office room in your house for something more useful. Plus, any storage shed can have dual functionality: keep your desk on one side of the room and place a couch on the other, and you have the perfect space for relaxing.

3 You Save Money & Time With A Shed Office

The top benefit of converting a prefab shed into an office is how much easier and affordable it is than trying to expand or remodel. Making those kinds of changes to your home requires significant investment of time and money, while a basic shed is affordable and can be installed quickly. All it needs then is some solar powered electrical and some furniture.

Your shed may increase the value of your home and it can easily be turned into something else if you decide you no longer need an office. Or, with a dual floor model, you can use the upstairs and downstairs for different purposes! This flexibility offers so many more possibilities than a remodel.

desk in home office made from prefab shed

Trust Valley Structures For A Prefab Shed Home Office In Richmond

If you’re ready to look into a backyard office, you can start by browsing our extensive shed inventory. Choose one that’s right for your needs and the size of your yard, and then get in touch with our shed installation professionals. We serve Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester and beyond and would love to set you up with the storage building of your dreams. If you need a prefab shed in Richmond or beyond, contact us.

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