Pallet Projects: Upgrade Your Storage Structure with Old Pallets


You’ve probably often seen piles of wooden pallets in the back of warehouses, large stores, factories and other large businesses. But, in recent years, reclaimed wood has exploded in popularity. DIY websites, craft shows, and decorating magazines are time and time again giving us ideas on what we can do with this shipping pallets.

One idea is to use pallets to upgrade or update your storage structure. We’ve even seen people build sheds completely with these wooden materials—but for this post, we’ll focus on sharing ideas for using them for your existing shed.

Shelving Units Made from Pallets

Break apart pallets to create shelves; you will likely need other wood for the walls of your shelving unit. This example from NaturalBuildingBlog, found via Pinterest, will help you visual how to make shelving unites

A Rack Made from a Pallet

If you have smaller garden tools, craft supplies, or other small items that could be nicely organized by hanging them, you might wish to hang a pallet outfitted with hooks (or two!) on the wall. Here’s an example from Woohome, found on Pinterest.

Pallet for Wood Storage

If you have a woodstove, fireplace, or firepit on premise, here’s a pallet project idea: Build a wood storage unit for inside your shed, or to put up alongside the unit. Katie Brown shared an example on Pinterest, which you can view here.

New Siding Made from Pallets

Side your interior walls with the wood from your pallets, then stain or paint to your liking; this can give a warm feel to the inside of your shed.

The ideas are seemingly endless when it comes to repurposing pallets to update your storage shed.