Transformations: Turn That Old Shed into a Women’s Retreat (Or, a She-Shed)

Transformations: Turn That Old Shed into a Women’s Retreat (Or, a She-Shed)

We work hard, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, whether at the office or around the house. But despite how busy our lives are, we can’t forget to take time for ourselves. Time to unwind and escape that hustle and bustle—or even a noisy TV in the living room.

We’ve all heard the term “man cave”—but what about a relaxing, backyard respite for women? With a little paint, some light construction/installation, and some décor, you can turn an old shed into a women’s retreat.

The ideas are seemingly endless to how you can transform a garden shed into a she-shed! Whether you’re looking for a sewing or craft nook, a studio, a reading lounge, an exercise room, or an open and airy meditation area, with a little work, you can carve out a space just for you. And we can’t forget that women share many of the same interests as men, so if your woman’s retreat ends ups looking like a typical man-cave, that’s OK with us!

The first step is cleaning out your existing shed so you can really get a handle on how much space you have—plus it’s easier to visualize the possibilities when you’re looking at an empty space. From there, draw up your plan—you can find ideas (even blueprints) online: many design websites feature she-shed makeovers—but don’t let the ideas sway you. Your shed should be uniquely you!

You will have so much fun watching your vision for a women’s retreat come to life—picking out colors, choosing décor, and installing shelves (maybe even a wine rack?) and getting furniture. But the best part will be sitting back and enjoying the space you’ve created!

Remember, alone-time is not just something that’s nice to have; solitude actually makes us happier and healthier!