The Importance of Ventilation in Your Outdoor Structure


If you have an outdoor structure, such as a shed or other out-building, that you plan to spend time significant time in, proper ventilation is key to your safety and comfort.

Properly Ventilated Sheds for Safety

If you’re like a lot of people, your shed is probably part-storage, part workshop. It makes sense, then, that you could be working alongside cans of gasoline you have stored for your mower or power tools. Inhaling gas fumes can be dangerous, and proper ventilation keeps the fresh air circulating.

Aside from dangerous fumes, consider the mold and mildew that can grow inside sheds, especially in humid climates or during wet seasons; breathing in these spores can have harmful effects. Adequate ventilation can help prevent or reduce mildew and mold growth by controlling moisture.

Properly Ventilated Sheds for Comfort

Shed ventilation also helps contribute to a comfortable working environment by keeping air fresh, controlling temperatures, and letting any odors out. Aside from roof vents, don’t forget that doors and windows also add to your air control options! If you do plan to work in your shed often, consider installing a fan.

Properly Ventilated Sheds for Structural Integrity

Your home’s roof can be damaged by excessive moisture over time. The same goes for your shed. If your workshop or storage space gets too moist, your structure could weaken. Properly ventilating your storage shed will prolong its life—as well as protect its contents.

Many storage sheds come with vents, but depending on how you plan to use your shed, you may want to consider more. If you’re looking to add ventilation options to your shed, remember that Valley Structures offers a variety of garden vents and gable vents.